Jenkins Hill has two classes - Caterpillars & Butterflies.  Our Caterpillar class has 6 spaces for infants aged 6 weeks to 15 months.  Our Butterflies class has 8 spaces for toddlers aged 15-36 months.

Jenkins Hill emphasizes learning by offering developmentally appropriate activities throughout the day.   The day’s activities include opportunities for teacher-child interactions (stories, discussions, singing, and other teacher-directed activities) and peer interactions (free play, small and gross motor activities, art projects, dramatic play, constructive play).  Each day includes large group and small group activities and at least one hour of outdoor play (weather permitting) in the morning and afternoon.  Outdoor activities include playground play, neighborhood walks,  walks to nearby parks or playgrounds, and visiting local businesses.

Our goal is to work with you to ensure that your child’s early learning years are happy ones and that your child is instilled with a love of learning for years to come.  All parents are encouraged and expected to take an active role at Jenkins Hill.  The Center is run by the Center Director and the governing Board of Directors. Parent participation and involvement is essential  to the smooth operation of Jenkins Hill.